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Life Steps

By Judith Sanchez

It’s weird how the world works.

You spend your whole life trying to grow up or fit in and your whole adult life trying to feel younger.

We try to establish ourselves and become successful.

We chase our passions because when we pursue something, we are passionate.

It makes for an unstoppable, incredible journey.

What they say is true–sometimes the journey is better than the destination.

The journey teaches us about ourselves.

In the journey, we learn who we are: our characteristics, our strengths, our flaws.

The journey is what makes the destination that much more enjoyable.

When we are at the top of it all, we search for the thing that makes our lives bearable…

for a human connection,

for the person who sees our imperfections as beauties and perfections,

for a person who inspires us and makes us fearless.

Through these steps or processes, we achieve what we were put on this earth to do: our divine right.

We then, finally, become happy and self-actualized.

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