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By Ron Algood

In a world of darkness absent of all light,

Where a promise beholds the only sight

Life breathes deep within a mother’s womb,

Let water break and cleanse ye from this room

And there is a child

Behold the spirit in all its glory,

Amidst the pain, the wind and fury

A journey begins in a land of many,

Where hunger and thirst bear souls of plenty

And there are paths to be taken

Walk this way amongst the trees,

“Leave no stone unturned” the forest pleads

The footprints you once followed are all gone,

Like water from a desert song

And there are choices to be made

As you pray for Wahan and the courage to speak,

For the rains of Kakadu to cleanse thy feet

The tears of joy that you once shared,

Have found their home in souls elsewhere

And there is hopelessness

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