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The Last Day

By Judith Nolasso

October– it was cool, clear, and crisp…

the first relief from oppressive, summer heat.

I opened the door so she could feel and smell the cool air.

She hated being closed-in — helpless and dependent –

held captive by a body that would no longer function,

held captive by something she didn’t understand.

She begged to be set free-

more for me than for herself.

Suddenly, I was the caregiver, she the child.

Nurturing in reverse-

but there would be no growth or celebration of life’s events.

Only a prayer and patience waiting for the last passage.

October — it was time for her to go, to finally be free.

I held her close and thanked her for being my mother.

I kissed her cheek, told her I loved her and said good-bye.

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