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By Alexandra Klos

Pages are blank I don’t know where to begin
Start with the ingredients of how I win
Including family, friends, knowing who I am
Mix in working hard, never giving up, trusting your plan

There are some factors one may never learn
For they don’t know how it was earned
Perseverance, believing, and no doubts
Then there are those people you can’t live without

The advice given to you throughout your time
Will truly instruct your spirit in how to shine
Admire it, breathe it into your skin
Carry it with you throughout every passing wind

Physical labor can never be delayed
Even if it means on your relaxation day
Push through it until the door swings
You will be sure to receive a weight off your wing

Learn it is not about competing, its about enjoying the ride
Never knowing when it will stop everlastingly on your side
Please don’t fear the end for that won’t succeed
Just accept every day will always be

And when that day arrives and you’re all alone
Flashbacks will appear from the unknown
Look along and see what was real
Opening the sense that never appealed

Happiness, laughter, optimism, and delight
These are what count when you see the light
Not being afraid will make you survive
Ready for your moment, your adios your, goodbye

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