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Surviving Student Stress

By Cynthia Guillen

Many times, students work too hard and rest too little. on top of this fact, flu season is in full force, so students are constantly battling illness. Add any family issues students might be dealing with into the equation, and they can officially call themselves stressed. The start of the new semester probably did not make student loads any easier. lucky students got all their books new and paid for by scholarships, without having to wait in a line that wrapped around the bookstore. lucky students had the funds to pay for their classes, and, of course, lucky students were correctly enrolled in all the classes they needed and wanted right off the bat. Even luckier students got professors with five-star ratings on Chances are that most students were not this lucky, right? For students, living, working, raising families in some cases, and taking a semester of classes can be stressful. I have learned that the best way not to let the stress overcome me is to take life day-by-day. Instead of worrying about the future, like what classes I need to take next semester (if I even make it to another semester), I try to take control of what is in front of me. Day to day, I tackle what I can with the resources I have at my disposal. The best way for me to do this is to be organized. I start by knowing when assignments are due, and I manage my time to have them completed before that date. For me, having a Student Planner has made my days go a lot more smoothly. HCC Student Planners are free to students in the Offices of Student Services on each campus. Drop by picking one up if you have not already! When I can focus clearly and achieve the everyday goals in my life, the goals for my future seem a lot easier to accomplish. my personal hope is to enjoy each day to the fullest while I am here at HCC, and I wish the same for my fellow students as they survive the stress of their student lives.

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