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Life is Boring

By Carrie Donna Kolba

My life is the same day after day.

Alarm goes off.

I roll out of bed.

Ouch, stubbed the toe.

Turn the shower on, heat engulfs me.

Another morning, another day.

“Life is boring.”

I’m off to work,

fighting my way through the jungle.

Three lanes, and still I haven’t moved.

I’m bigger and faster,

but, they seem unafraid.

I arrive late.

My day has yet to end: another adventure to the end.

Stress, deadlines, no breaks, and lunch is absent.

I’m out of work where I’m paid to attend.

“Life is boring.”

My last part of the day.

I’m off to my second job where I pay them to attend.

I’m off to school, the cold, white, no parking available, expressionless building.

7 o’clock…..8 o’clock…..9 o’clock…

the time drags.

I want to be free and finished,

but those feelings haven’t arrived yet.

Please father-time-keeper, set me free.

Tick, tock, tick, tock. Finally free.

“Life is boring.”

I race, I zoom, I stop, I slow.

I park, I run, I unlock, I strip.

I lay, I curl, I sleep till another day.

“Life is boring.”

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