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Ode to the Pope

By Liam Curtin

By Jeff Farley
Oil on Cnvas

The shepherd of a billion or more,

he was a peaceful warrior for human freedom,

giving an overdue plea to the Jews

to forgive our years of bodily and spiritual abuse.

Fighting the evils of communism,

he warned us of capitalism

and battled materialism

through spiritualism.

Mobile was his throne,

the world, he made his home.

A peaceful pilgrim was our Pope.

His message was of love, peace, and…hope.

Muhammad, Abraham, the Hindus were all invited,

“Let’s meet on common ground…

united–not divided.”

He showed his humanity

in his humility.

In his redemptive suffering,

he expressed his divinity.

He was a friend to the poor,

to the rich, a guide.

Shaken, hunched, defenseless,

he stood up for the dignity

of human life.

How valuable his life

even in the final stage

when poor, Terri died.

Was she already freed from her cage?

Now, separated is the spirit from the man.

Next to God, in awe, does he stand.

In the darkness, shone a great light!

Let’s carry on the non-violent fight.

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