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The Dreaded Freshman 15

By Vincent Padron

Whether it’s Asian kickers, Buffalo wings, or burgers and fries, college students are sure to eat these foods and gain weight, otherwise known as the Freshman 15. Because college is busy, students find eating fast food a must for survival. “I love food, mostly when I study,” said Victoria Lopez, a nursing program student. “I’ve gained about 10 pounds since I started college,” she said.
It’s not just American students affected by the fast food industry. Students around the globe are packing on the pounds.
A study by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that a study group comprised of Asian students from Florida International University had changed their eating habits to include healthier foods. The change was due to weight gained from fast foods after living in the United States for just three months.
“I used to eat late, but since I started college, I don’t eat late anymore,” said Ridwana Ismail, a radiation therapy student.
According to The American Physiological Association, where students live can impact their weight, eating, and exercise habits. Andrea Dufault, an LRC coordinator for the Brandon campus, shared her Freshman 15 experience. “Student housing caused me to eat more. I gained about 10 pounds due to the prepaid meal plan,” said Dufault. “All you can eat, from starches to sweets, and lots of fried food, from mozzarella sticks to potato chips, open 24/7,” she said.
Attending college doesn’t mean that you are sentenced to years of carrying around “extra baggage.” Young adults can still eat right even if they are constantly on the go. Web MD offers these tips to keep students from feeling the budge.
Avoid binging. Eating smaller meals throughout the day will not only keep you from overeating, but students will also have more energy. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine, it will help shed off those unwanted pounds.
Lastly, it’s okay to indulge in fast food every now and then, just do so in moderation. Instead of ordering just a pizza, get a side salad too, but watch the dressing.

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