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The Weary Traveler

By Shonnae Robinson

I travel the whole day looking for answers. Daylight is filled with my hopes and dreams while the night holds my deepest secrets. Wisdom is my friend while responsibility molds me.
Sometimes, I feel alone in my heart. Life is so complicated, sometimes filled with bitterness. I am the weary traveler, the responsible wanderer on a destined path only meant for me. Don’t worry what others say. What is meant for you is in your destiny. So have peace, joy, serenity… even when you fall into the morbid depths of darkness.
Have faith and believe in yourself. Let your life soar. Follow your destined path even sometimes when you hesitate. When life will often get in your way, don’t worry what others say. What’s meant for you is your destiny. In your heart, you know the truth.

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