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Big Mamma

By LeVar A. Jennings

You sit there peacefully in your aged rocking chair, watching the world turn outside as you do always, on a screened porch that is effectively blocking air, glimpsing at the small children while they all play.

Memories in my heart place me in a state of joy. I sit and take out time to think back to those childhood times when I was a little boy, and the Sunday church services I sat through.

Regular spankings were often the result of my childlike actions; my eyes filled with tears while my rear would stay sore. I am grateful for the lessons you taught me on the smallest infractions, often reminding me before I slept that I should pray more.

You have been through some difficult times that I can only read about the same of which we’ve associated with Dr. Martin Luther King, pressured by those in Alabama who wanted our kind to leave the South, just because your skin resembled a darkened, smoother thing.

You have lived to see better days without complaining. Your cinnamon arms are as open as they’ve ever been; “You are the glue to us all” is what the family says-open up that screen door, so you can feel a little wind.

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