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Black For Sale

By Janice D. Andrews

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it BLACK for sale. Strong, intelligent, good morals, integrity, the prime core of a race of people, go-getter and outgoing, a great example for the household, genius, rich in creativity, strong provider and a great encourager. QUALIFIED BLACK MALE.
EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it BLACK for sale. Beautiful, graceful, intelligent, virtuous, caregiver, the main source for the unity of family, has the heart of her husband, will do good and bring food to her family’s, strengthens herself for the family well being, gives to the poor and encourages her spouse after a hard day of work, aware of every area of her household and is a helpmate. QUALIFIED BLACK FEMALE.
EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it BLACK for sale. The continuance of a race, the future to come, young, eager and ready to learn, absorb teachings like a sponge, intelligent and pure at heart, willing to be shaped and molded, ready to receive righteous teaching and looking for positive role models. ALL BLACK YOUTHS.
For sale or sold to a society that views these qualifications only for a specific race of people, or are we ourselves SOLD OUT to these qualifications: The drug dealer who offers quick money, fast life, jail or death. The pimp who would have you sell the most precious gift that you have for a midnight hookup, a needle or AIDS. To peer pressure looking to belong, to feel excepted or love as an alternative for lack of it at home.
FOR SALE (NONE) not one of these qualifications can be. (SOLD OUT) many have.

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