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“Land of Opportunity” Closed Until Further Notice

Written and Photographed by David Downs

Controversy is brewing here in the homeland among citizens and non-citizens. A number of immigration bills are being presented to Congress. one particular bill is addressing the immigration issue here in the United States and is ruffling feathers throughout the nation. This bill is basically saying that all illegal immigrants are to be deported back to their nation of origin, and if any illegal immigrants are aided in having a better chance at life, then those aiding them will be prosecuted through federal jurisdiction. This has disturbed people throughout the country, and as a result of the presence of these bills, protests and demonstrations have taken place all across the nation. on Monday, April 10, 2006, numerous protests and demonstrators took action all over the United States. In the capital of Mississippi, Hispanic demonstrators sang “We Shall Overcome” in their native language. Atlanta, Georgia saw its share of demonstrators as well. 50,000 supporters took off from their jobs and took part in a march to express their opinions towards the bills. Here in Hillsborough County, hundreds of Hispanics (some legal immigrants and some not) from all walks of life took part in a support rally which took place in front of the Raymond James Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

The chant at the rally was, “si se puede” which translated in English means, “yes we can.” These words could be heard from the Hillsborough Community College Dale Mabry campus parking lot. Even commuters were taking part in the rally by beeping their horns and chanting from their automobiles windows in support.

Juan Calderon, one of the numerous supporters at the rally, states, “We’re here to let people know that we support securing our borders, but not at the cost of persecuting illegal immigrant.” This, in fact, is what most people are protesting against. Illegal immigrants could now be in jeopardy of being deported or even prosecuted for seeking better lifestyles in this so-called “global melting pot.” Immigration has always been a problem here in the United States. The solution to this problem could possibly be a bit extreme; there is certainly a balance that needs to take effect. Some immigrants are exploiting the “land of opportunity,” expecting special treatment once across the border. one individual by the name of Marcela Bonells says “we are sacrificing so much. Why can’t everyone else do it that way?” Marcela is referring to those, like herself, who are here legally and are trying to gain citizenship as compared to those who are here illegally and are taking advantage of the system. The long process of becoming an American citizen should be expected and embraced because this experience goes hand-in-hand with residing in the United States. The nation, including the government, should take a better look at the consequences of these bills. The repercussions of these bills passing could have serious effects on the economy and workforce as well as in other areas. In addition, before anyone who wants to go through the nation with a fine-toothed comb does so, he or she should ask if this is what America is all about.

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