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Sleeping the world away!

Strange that our human realm consists of two vastly different worlds,

lying in a coexisting and simultaneous state of mind that unwillingly,

engulfs every emotion, extricates every thought, want, and desire;

even ones that could not exist, yet do without a single doubt.

  Perhaps the world is not as it seems, maybe the world is bigger,

and is grander than our simple minds can conceive, or fathom.

Now, knowing it is difficult to discern the true, my true reality

given to us by that which is not seen but nevertheless is there.

  Twice or more daily the dream world announces its pre-sense, yet I still

hit the button so that I might stay in the reality I have carefully, silently

engraved into my unconsciousness, the one I’ve explored endlessly.

  With great abruptness my world becomes jumbled, bright and dreaded.

Overturned is the foundations of things I know, because in this place

relentlessly time consumes all those who enter its finite linear plane.

Light has become that which will burn, destroy, heal, and create.

Darkness sinks-high into the sky, only to rise-low into the vast depths.

  After a long while the true reality penetrates deeply into the dreamer;

with silence and a sigh my world reappears as if it was just created.

A creation where infinite things happen, where life is truly lived, where

you are the ruler of a world where one could even travel beyond the stars.

-John Jones

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